Thursday, November 24, 2005

Latrell Sprewell is Still Not in a Rockets Uniform (Day 1)

We have nothing to say about last night's game.

Spree is still not in a Houston Rockets uniform despite widespread discussion that he would be a suitable fit, despite his past with Jeff Van Gundy who has always liked him, and despite a likely starting position at small forward/shooting guard.

Perhaps it's because he and agent Bob Gist are completely delusional.

Why haven't the Rockets even talked to Spree yet? The Mavericks, Magic and Heat have all lost interest.

Come on, Spree. Take the midlevel. For the children... do the Rockets even have a midlevel?

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Tom said...

I wonder how the Spree Family is going to handle Thanksgiving. Maybe Cassell will invite them to La-La? Latrell might even have to sell his infamous yacht to buy Christmas presents this year. Ay ay ay.