Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Head in Fear Despite Mavs Laying Down on D

Ah hell, it wasn't so bad. It was actually an entertaining game. The Rockets showed a little heart out there finally. Head had his best game... Anderson, too. Swift showed some signs of something... until late. Moochie got some minutes and contributed. I think we still love Moochie.

But we'll always love Jon Barry... and hope he never gets discouraged throwing ridiculous alley-oop passes in traffic despite both Swift and Yao blowing them.

They started Head... like we suggested... and Derek Anderson came out of his shell... as we believed he would. But Yao, on the other hand, was Yao... he's really kinda making this hard on us. But keep the faith. Mo' City's already lost.

Luther Head played well and has a good attitude, but what we saw was a guy that has never had to play point guard in his life. He's not a natural ball-handler--maybe I'm spoiled out here in New York where every five-year-old can put it between your legs and bounce it off your ass--but Head dribbles like he's trying to get away from a court full of flesh eating zombies... But I'd still rather have him starting at the point than anyone else.

Mavs win 102-93 without Stackhouse and Van Horn (who Duke maintains is poison).

Other notes:

Early in last night's broadcast on NBATV, Dallas commentators reported that Bob Sura will not be returning due to back surgery to repair a ruptured disc. And there may be a reason why Rafer Alston's been in slo-motion after all.

Anyone see Stromile Swift hoist (and subsequently airball) a three-pointer late in the fourth when the Rockets were trying to make a run? We call this stupidity based on fear of failure/success... Here's how you do it: throw up a shot that is completely beyond you because taking a shot within your range and missing it would mean you failed... but make the impossible shot and you're a hero... miss it and well, you were never supposed to make it. Airball it, and you get a nice comfy spot on the bench next to Patrick Ewing.

Suns in Houston tonight... ESPN 7:30p

(AP Photo/Donna McWilliam)

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