Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Franchise Comes Home... Leaves Burning Suspiciously Foul-Smelling Bag At the Door

Stevie comes home and gives 27 brown-bagged points to the Rockets. Skip puts up a good line (8 pts, 9 asts, 7 rebs) but its not enough. Yao only gets 4 rebs.

Franchise was booed during his introduction and every time he touched the ball, so the separation's gotten a little spicy since he was outplayed by Bobby Sura in last year's homecoming.
"I really enjoyed the win," Francis said. "It was a great victory, especially against the Rockets."

I've mentioned in the past that I would have been perfectly happy if the trade never happened. But with that said...

Tracy come back. Rockets are 1-2.


dukehogwild said...

indeed my good friend..franchise did play well, but the rockets should have the two losses, they were outscored 29 to 2 in crunch time. well actually 29 to 5 but that includes the too little too late D.A. three at the buzzer...franchise had three consecutive assists to jameer nelson in the crunchiest of times to win the game...jameer nelson is a baller.

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