Thursday, November 03, 2005

Fists of Fury: Tell Me Why...

Our cousins pronounce their love for Yao and Rockets...

I wasn't going to put this up... for obvious reasons. But this thing is spreading like the Avian flu and I figure why not spread the contagion and give these boys the hits they so crave. The best thing about this video is the roommate who just sits behind them like nothing's happening.

That motherfucker's numb... and playing Counterstrike.

No, actually, even better is an e-mail my girl received from her friend working abroad in China:

Subject: Re: You one....desiiire

Sorry, this appears to be blocked by the Chinese gov't. :(
Otherwise, I am sure I would've enjoyed it.


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consoladores said...

Gosh, there is so much effective material here!