Friday, November 04, 2005

Fists of Fury... Battlegrounds Reprise

We've liked Darren Jiang since the very first episode of MTV's latest Nike Battlegrounds show hosted by Lebron James... how could we not? Anyone so authentically surprised and appreciative for making the best-of-the-best NYC amateur squad only gets love from us.

Now inside information (okay, DJ's Battlegrounds blog) has informed us that he will be teaming up with LBJ again for a promotional online conference with 1.3-sum-odd fans in China--or at least the 40 with internet access. Don't forget to tell them to remember you when those All-Star ballots start coming around like Gilbert Arenas last year.

Kubrick World has released a Battlegrounds designer toy--er, sculpture. We really can't say why... but what do we know about Kubricks, except that Frank Kozik is one of the designers. Who can argue with that?

But Kubrickheads must not play much. Battlegrounds Kubrick doesn't even come with a ball.

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