Monday, October 30, 2006

Rockets in the Head: Drop the Hammer

Fran Blinebury and Jonathan Feigen of ask whether or not it was a good preseason on their blog... there not so sure. Also mentioned was that Ryan "The Hammer" Bowen was waived. We had no idea. It was not exactly ceremoniously announced on Feigen wonders why fans disliked Bowen so much. We can only say that he was our cult hero. Never have we loved a basketball player more with an uglier jumpshot. We'll miss "The Hammer," and we hope he takes an assistant coaching position.

It looks like the Floridian rags have never let go of their prodigal son. Tracy McGrady is still making headlines in Florida Today and the Florida Ledger, could be more, but we stopped looking after those two. The reviews all positive now. T-Mac, the Florida-native, still has plenty of love for Orlando, just not GM John Weisbrod.

Steve Novak could just gun his way into a starting spot, forget just a spot in the rotation. You know the guy has a little something when former Marquette fans keep telling me how much they miss him and how the Rockets are truly blessed. Most of Globetrotter came from a high school that bred shooters--our coach James Sharp was in the Top 5 all-time FG% shooters in NCAA history as a perimeter player. If we couldn't do anything else coming out of high school, we could shoot. Hell, one of us once made 16-18 from the arc in a league game in the first half, but we're still awed by Novak's stroke. Check this quote: "He will never lose a 3-point shooting contest." That's from Scott Padgett. McGrady says Novak is the best shooter in the NBA--already.

Van Gundy though, ever the realist, hopes that his "one great skill" doesn't turn him into a one-trick pony. JVG knows that his stroke will be an asset to the rotation, but he doesn't want Novak to start thinking that's all he has to contribute. Novak, for his part, doesn't seem adverse to learning.

These "2 Chinese' boys" are still around. Well, Arizona's a little slow going with the pop culture, but we broke the story on these fellas a year ago. If they start getting paid for this shit, we gotta get a finder's fee or at least a shout out on Ryan Seacrest radio.

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