Monday, October 09, 2006

Sharks Fin Soup-Gate: T-Mac Speaks Out

With all the new hype we've been peddling for the impending '06-'07 Houston Rockets campaign, we've had to put on the back-burner our Story of the Year:

After we tapped out every resource we had (meaning browsed Google for about an hour, e-mailed some friends who live close to Yao's house in Houston and hassled John from Yao Ming Mania), the lack of definitive leads caused the story to fade... that is until Mr. Irrelevant, Jamie Mottram (not a diss, but the name of his blog), from AOL Sports Bloggers Live e-mailed us last week with a response from the source... or one of them.

After a rigorous interrogation of Rockets star, Tracy McGrady, the AOL SBL crew managed to secure Mac's official stance. Yes, he has Yao's back on this... interesting choice of words. He... probably still couldn't care less about the actual sharks, but we applaud T-Mac's supporting his Chinese friend-giant. We knew he would. We knew this was a set up by China and the Red Guard all along. But what strain has this controversy already left on the Rockets teammates? Will lingering resentment surface during the course of the season? How will the public receive T-Mac's indecisive stance on the soup? The issue will be brought up again in the primaries and T-Mac will surely be called a waffler on shark's fin soup. We here at Globetrotter, however, endorse Mac and support his brave decision with vigor, just so long as he doesn't change it again.

Big ups to True Hoop magnate, Henry Abbott, for influencing the AOL Sports Bloggers Live guys to interrogate Mac. We couldn't have done it better ourselves. We couldn't have done it.

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train said...

HOORAY SHARKS!! - thats in caps to emphasize the hoorayness.