Thursday, October 05, 2006

Shane Battier is the New Damon Jones

We know this is kinda old news... and some people actually care about that... I would insert one of those winking smileys there if we were of that kind, but we're not... anyway, Shane Battier has signed to be the spokesperson for China's PEAK sportswear.

Yao Ming Mania has better coverage of the proceedings, so we'll just toss it to them, but we wanted to pose a question... or really an idea. Shaquille O'Neal in China is completely understandable... big, lovable, icon. Clyde Drexler is a Hall-of-Famer... still understandable. But Shane Battier? And previously, Damon Jones?

Are these the only guys left without shoe deals?

Why not then go for sheer novelty? What about... an Earl Boykins line for children or diminuitive Chinese... or is that redundant? Or maybe a Chris Kaman joint mash-up line with Sam Cassell and Gollum? Those are popular with the kids these days. The mash-ups. Give us a holler, we got tons of ideas.


A Dog said...
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A Dog said...

Shane Battier is the Chinese version of David Hasselhof. :)

aloneconformist said...

i think you mean baywatch is shane battier's china... i got you.