Friday, October 20, 2006

Rockets in the Head: Unlucky in Ball... Just Unlucky

The Houston Rockets are cursed. Let's face it, just when we get our players healthy, some "accident" or freak injury keeps happening. We can't remember this many nagging injuries since we started watching the Rockets in the early 80s. Then again all of basketball has gotten more injury-prone. But the Rockets' cause of injuries are getting ridiculous. First, it was Yao and his toe... and now energizer bunny/forward Chuck has missed games due to 1.) getting electrocuted at the water fountain and 2.) slipping on a puddle of water on the court during practice.

Somebody needs to put the Rockets in a bubble when their off the court and ship them to a safehouse via armored vehicular transport. The actual headliner in the story linked above is T-Mac's praise for rookie forward, Steve Novak. It's puzzling now that Novak dropped so far in the draft The boy can shoot.

We know Yao is not exactly known as a great prognosticator of talent, but he's convinced Vassy Spoons has got a little Steve Nash in him. Yea, yea... okay... when you're done laughing, remember that had anyone told you Nash were going to win back-to-back MVPs during his rookie year, you'd be laughing just like that. We're not saying Spoons equals Nash, but we wouldn't mind, so we've digitally recreated Spanoulis in the Nash likeness. Not bad, eh?

Boy still looks like Colin Farrell... this time from The New World.


Anonymous said...

Hello Kitty...

Spanoulis does not look like Colin Farrell. I don't know who he looks like, but not someone handsome, that's for sure.

aloneconformist said...

colin farrell is handsome?

NY Warrior said...

ya'll are gonna love Steve Novak....he's extraordinary, I've never seen a better shooter -- and he's clutch. A STEAL for the Rockets

we'll miss him at Marquete

lisamarieelliott said...

Gosh, there is so much useful data above!