Sunday, October 08, 2006

Did You Know? Did You Know? Did You Know?

That's right. It's the damn shoes. Last week, Yao Central linked the story on the re-injury of Yao's toe. Now, Houston Rockets coach, Jeff Van Gundy, is convinced its some design flaw in Yao's shoe. Maybe, but Van Gundy's more tripped about it than Yao.

We would like to take this opportunity to go on record and say we've never liked Reebok... except the Iversons... the Iversons were okay. I had a pair of the very first "Questions" myself and I never felt closer to crossover thug life. So it's not that I didn't give Reebok a chance. I wore some Kobe's for a month until I sprained my ankle (for the first time) so bad there was severe ligament damage--never been the same since. I even did a regional commercial for the Steve Francis "Franchise" Reebok line. They gave me two free pairs, but both fell apart after less than a month. And they never felt right anyway... certainly not thugged life. I don't think Francis even used them. Reebok is a personal nightmare and they have no return policy.

I've always been a Nike man... no doubt the expected result of years of summer camp and AAU brainwashing a la freebie. And of course, there's Mars, the greatest, if most easily recognizable, shoe-peddling director of our time... but mostly, it's that near-urban legend return policy. It's no legend.

Reeboks are wack, Yao... come over. Come to the darkside. Join Nike... your destiny.

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train said...

i'm a Fila man myself..or is it Fema?