Friday, October 13, 2006

Rockets in the Head: Van Gundy's Happy Face

This is Jeff Van Gundy before Houston's pre-season started, almost giddy, believing the Rockets had made the right moves in the off-season. Then Yao had his big toenail removed.

But Van Gundy is laying his trademark scowl to rest... or at least, he's really trying to, all in an attempt to put on a happy face this season and approach things with... uh, optimism. In this interview at, JVG tries to convince himself Yao's toe is half-full.

So our favorite little tax attorney has gotten a lot of criticism during his time in H-town, not all of it unwarranted, but we wouldn't ask for anyone else ('cept maybe Rudy T). Van Gundy is otherwise perfect here. The guy's hilarious--just look at that lichtikeh punim.

Rockets lost their preseason opener to Memphis, but Mac looked good as well as the actual starters that did play in the first half. Houston's traded draft pick, Rudy Gay, showed some signs of things to come. Game was lost in the second with the Rockets' reserves, whom all seem to know they need a lot of work. Van Gundy's not sold on Vassy Spoons or Little John Lucas (yayuh!) yet for that back-up point spot yet. Kirk Snyder looks really weird in a Rockets uniform for some reason. Rockets to play Atlanta tonight.

As for the beginning of the Bonzi era... or year... in Houston, it has been unfortunately postponed yet again due to root canal. Classic excuse. We totally feel blown off.


train said...

i had a root canal once. i had to cancel my wedding.

Anonymous said...

stop it... nobody wants to marry you.