Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Rockets in the Head: Van Gundy Likes it Hardcore

33% of Globetrotter was on vacation in California. And because this 33% does all the posting, 0% of new material was posted. Anyways...

Jeff Van Gundy is giving away season tickets to the most "hardcore" or obnoxious Rockets fans in Houston.

Lots of moves in Rocket-land since the draft day trade of Rudy Gay.
We haven't been following the public response of the recent roster moves but it appears CD and Morey have been granted a stay of execution--and proven a little more wily than Rocketeers may have thought.

Suddenly, trading a "potential" talent with questions for a solid defender/shooter who is now a US National and less existential, doesn't seem so bad. And losing out on Mike James hurts less after picking up Vassy Noodles and the Kid. Both may prove to be a better fit in Houston. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if Lucas III is a starter by mid-season.

What the Rockets lost with Rudy Gay in athleticism, the acquisition of Kirk Snyder makes up with his ability to leap over tall humans in a single bound. Very tall humans.

But again, most importantly... the Stro' Show closes in Houston after just one season. It's like cutting a gangrenous foot, one that can really jump, and that you think you need, but you're better off without. It's just harder to walk.

The Rockets Power Dancers go young.

Houston continues farming Kentucky-bred wildcats. Rockets sign Kelenna Azubuike to fill training camp roster.

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