Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Skip Bayless: They're Still All Alike to Me

Skip Bayless tore former NBAer Eddie Johnson a new one when AP recently released that Johnson was an alleged sex offender... but he ripped the wrong Eddie Johnson. And then barely apologized after learning the truth. But come on, it's something he would do. Blowhards can't help themselves. It's like the frog and the scorpion... no I didn't get that from The Gilmore Girls last night... I already heard it before.

Hoops Addict has a great interview with "Fast" Eddie Johnson, our favorite former-Rocket gunner, to clear up how he, Eddie A. Johnson, (NBA '82-'99), former Illini, was confused with Eddie Johnson (NBA '77-'87), former Auburn Tiger... and convicted felon and alleged child molester.

Deadspin, on the other hand, has mass coverage of the sheer hatred that Mr. Bayless generates, no doubt resulting in subway tunnels flooded with rivers of emotional slime only to manifest in a 16th century demi-god bent on world domination... unless Bayless is that demi-god.

You can start here but search the site for "Skip Bayless" and enjoy.


Anonymous said...

What the hell.

That interview is not with "Fast Eddie" Johnson. "Fast Eddie" is the accused child rapist. The interview is with the other one.

Nice research. Unbelievable that you would post something ripping Bayless while essentially repeating his error.

Bayless is a tool, but his mistake was a product of the same laziness that you just proved vulnerable to yourself.

Surely your apology will be much better than his. I look forward to reading it.

aloneconformist said...

the hell the hell... you're jumping to conclusions... it has nothing to do with laziness. the stats and bios are accurate--there should be no confusion other than a misrepresented nick. read it carefully--unlike said skip--"fast" is just a nickname... one that many houstonians attached to our eddie, eddie a. johnson. we're merely re-appropriating it. but we understand your confusion... so you're not a presumptuous conclusion-jumper... we guess.

train said...

i AM a presumptuous conclusion-jumper and now i have the power to do so on this blog. now for my first conclusion jump....you, sir, are an ass-wad. bet you havent heard that one in awhile. i dont make sense, i create it. thats right..more non-sense.

aloneconformist said...

you win again, max power... damn you. damn you to hell.

Anonymous said...

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