Monday, August 14, 2006

Fists of Fury: Addendum to the State of the CNT:
State of the Taiwanese Nats

This is Taiwan's pro league... Taiwan is not China.

China has long endured a rep for being squares... meaning, really, that they're often demure, restrained if respectful, and overly deferential. The team is only now embracing a sense of panache comparable to the US--as featured in our previous "State of the CNT" entry--and then only reluctantly.

The Taiwanese have had no such rep... their league, the SBL (Super Basketball League), is one of globalization's finest. Known for its flash and pop, the SBL is a showman's league, more EBC than NBA. Well... it's got great production value, anyway. Better than Summerball on MSG. (Sorry, Bob... *more)

The national team, though... has rarely produced results in serious international play. Led by forwards Chen Hsin-An, Tien Lei (both of whom have worked out with NBA teams without sticking) and Lin Chih-jay, the Taiwanese nats can be exciting, but for the most part... well, they were recently beat in the Jones Cup final by a Christian goodwill team... which was coached by Mike Jarvis... and now they're barely staying alive in a tournament against Asian pro teams... the whole Taiwanese national team... against pro clubs... from Japan... Korea... the Phillipines... at home... barely staying alive.

Why did we have this addendum? Oh yea... I haven't seen this many Asian guys dunk since my friends and I used to go to the local elementary schools with the 9-foot rims. Taiwan: can't win, can dunk. Here's one of Chen Hsin-An dunking on Yao Ming and then going Tom Chambers on some dude. Love the titles.

For more on the SBL and Taiwanese national team, visit Chris Wang's SBL blog ro visit his column at

*Why's the game of the week always a 20-point blowout? I don't care if Black Wall Street is the best team at the Rucker, show me something watchable... and tell Sticks I got that and-one I dropped on him at BBC on tape... no, don't tell him.

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