Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Yao is the International Shaq
FIBA World Chip Coverage 2006

Yao Ming gets fouled out in a game he was dominating (29 pts, 8 rebs). Blames the refs. Welcome... says Shaq... we assume. Pictured above is Hack-a-Yao courtesy of Sina.com, but notice also the look of sheer terror in the nearby Chinese guard when faced with the prospect of physical contact. Pictured right, Yao meets just about the only other player in The Worlds that can deliver him a proper head-butt... 7' 4" Puerto Rican center, Peter Ramos.

Carlos Arroyo nearly racks up the tourney's first triple-double and continues to prove he can play on this international level, which for some reason doesn't translate well in the NBA.

For in-depth coverage of China's World Championship exploits, visit YaoMania!.

Turks make it three straight with a squeaker over Brazil. Guard and spiritual leader, Serkan Erdogan, who had been coping with a knee injury, finally broke out to lead the team with 21. Leandro Barbosa, who has lead Brazil with his strong play, scored 26 points but missed two clutch free throws with only seconds remaining--one of which would have tied the game.
The US Nationals don't bother with the rebounding in a blowout win over Slovenia. Kirk Hinrich lead the team by more than double the next guy... with seven. But who needs rebs when you shoot 56% from the field.

FIBA wants you to vote for the best young players in the tournament. So if you've actually seen any of the games, go for it. If this blog is your only source of coverage for The Worlds... pick Chris Paul, can't miss with Chris Paul.

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