Wednesday, August 30, 2006

U.S. Continues World Domination
FIBA World Chip Coverage 2006

The US finally displays some of that vaunted defense, shooting poorly against Germany, but keeping Dirk and Co. shooting... well, equally bad. America wins 85-65. Chris Sheridan seems to think that the other remaining teams love the fact that the Americans couldn't shoot... but still won by 20.

Argentina is the most boring team in the world... they win by a ridiculous margin... again. In fact, every undefeated team in the tourney won via public spanking of the opponent.

Ah, the amazing run of the on iki dev adam falls short of the final four but still guarantees Turkish basketball their best finish in international competition. Yes, that's Luis Scola celebrating in a Turkish jersey.

ESPN also seems to Greece is the forgotten team. The French didn't and probably won't... Greeks were perfection like a piece of gum right now. Vassy Spoons is looking all right.

Powerhouse Argentina will now face powerhouse, Spain and "high-flyer" Rudy Fernandez... he's got springs but calling him a leaper with Lebron in the stands is, to take a football analogy as the season nears, like saying Hines Ward is fast... yea, he's faster than us, but he ain't Randy Moss. Nevertheless, this guy does more reverse alley-oops than is humanly necessary. Yes, one of those highlights was a clip of him taking a charge.

The Greeks then, of course, will face Team USA. Single elimination for only one Highlander.

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