Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rockets in the Head: We're No. 2! Rockets No. 4!

After just missing the Final Four last year, the Houston Rockets Power Dancers have dropped Seattle and Denver consecutively to reach the NBA Dance Team Bracket Finals where they will face the Auerbach Celtics of dance teams... the mighty Miami Heat Dancers.

We would've had coverage of this sooner but we felt like we jinxed the RPD last year with our *ahem* in-depth coverage and subsequent Battle of the Tokens. The Power Dancers tried classy while the Seattle Sonic Boom Boom went and ho'd it out. Seattle won. But the Rockets saw their mistake and like many a tart pop star, went ho for themselves this year. Result.

So, here they are... on the brink of a fantastic moral victory... as the RPD has gone back to classy 'cause even they seem to know this Final is little more than a formality. Nobody can out-ho Miami. But ho, er, hey, you can vote anyway.

Yes, we are hoping our rampant use of the word "ho" will get us a piece of this Imus media circus.

Former Rockets coach, Rudy Tomjanovich, used to say "never underestimate the heart of a champion" during Houston's back-to-back title run in the mid-90s. We say never underestimate how bad your rivals can choke on their own. That's right... quote it. Houston is somehow the 4th seed.

After dropping three straight to Utah, Golden State and Portland last week, the Utah Jazz couldn't pull away going only 1-4 during that stretch. A loss last night to the Warriors and two-straight Ws by the Rockets since then has Houston a half-game up. For now.

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