Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Thank You America!

The Save Clyde Campaign... from Himself

We were starting to think there was only gonna be one way Clyde Drexler was gonna get eliminated from Dancing with the Stars Season 3 and that was if he was pitted against Heather Mills. No one's voting off a woman with a prosthetic leg. Sure enough, Clyde and Mills were the bottom two last night and Clyde couldn't muster the votes.

Clyde, though, was all class after getting the boot, really living up to that fabled rep as a class act. But we'll leave the commentary to our favorite new Dancing with the Stars analyst.

So the campaign was short-lived... now that it's all over I almost wish it wasn't. Almost. We'll miss Elena. Problem is, we're actually somewhat invested in the show now. It's all about the dancers... ordinary celebrities, in their ever diminishing capacity as icons of grace and beauty, do nothing for us now.

Julianne Hough's booty shake last night was a religious experience.

We're hoping Cliff Clavin lasts a little longer, Edyta is the Polska prawda. And her website has some boudoir photos... which have been clicked mightily. So we're not the only ones.

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