Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Somebody Please... Make This Stop

What kind of America are we living in when a Shandi Finnessey is the second to get the boot from a prime-time reality show?

When that reality show is Dancing with the Stars and why? Because there's not a straight man in America watching it and everyone else hates the 6' blonde beauty queen. And again, Clyde will get to see if he can't look more awkward on national television. Shandi should have stayed on at least as long as Antonella Barba for whatever she was doing on American Idol. If nothing else, for sporting the always classy bare mid-riff... we DO NOT want Clyde or John Ratzenberger baring anything, let alone any riff. But what can we do about it? Oh yea, not vote for Clyde. If you have any love for the man... please.


liren said...

didnt you vote for him?

aloneconformist said...

no... i just said i did so les would give off my back. shh... watching it again now... i'm embarrassed. i am.