Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Playoff Hustle: Return of the Mac

After a rough 0-6 start from the field, we never lost faith. After 1 point in the first-half we didn't lose faith... and we were rewarded. T-Mac played as big in the second half as he looks randomly holding that mini-ball. Huge. And Yao was solid, tipping the free throw line 12-14. But we think that's what Yao's gonna pull night in vs. Utah.

The difference will be T-Mac... as I stated in The Basketball Jones Playoff Preview podcast... if you happened to catch it. Duke called the line. More antics from Game 1... like the Jazz "defense" on Yao.

In a not so stunning upset--Duke actually picked New Jersey in this series--the Nets beat the Raps in Game 1 of their series... and not because of Vince Carter. Which should offer some consolation to Raptors fans. Of all the first round series' this one has the biggest potential for upset (sorry, Basketball Jones).

I for one believe, however, that Bosh will have to prove he's a big game hunter--is that right?--and carry the Raps to the next round. This is his chance. They need Bosh like lil' Carole Anne needs Tangina Barrons if they're gonna vanquish the ghoul of Vince Carter. Make this house clean! -- R.H.

Detroit beat Orlando... who cares? Chicago beat Miami... head slap!

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