Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Playoff Hustle: Blue Ballin' Finale
Rocket-less in '06

Got 'em this big.

The 2006 NBA Finals is history. And it began with such real potential for paradigm-shifting revelations. What manifested instead can only be described as a letdown so unfulfilling it may provoke an expansive, if temporary, exodus of basketball heads simply disinterested in a continually and connivingly obvious star-driven event. This NBA is straight Hollywood. And unfortunately, the Mavs have no flair for drama, not that they shouldn't have the floor. It's just that they're more P.T. Anderson than Brett Ratner--whose Rush Hour III somewhat adequately represents the Frankenstein assembly of the Miami Heat (not that Dallas hadn't already tried it). Only Spielbergian heroism could have overcome the Vinnie Chase-level arrival of D Wade, but Dirk proved, if only for this series, that he was more Diggler than Indiana Jones. Yea, I know making a Hollywood reference to a cable show that fictionally reframes Hollywood is just... weird, really... like taking pictures of yourself taking pictures of yourself in a mirror, but give me a better current one. Actually, it's fitting.

This whole series was a bad rewrite.

Haven't been to Free Darko in a while (can you tell I was there?), but Dr. Lawyer IndianChief put it short and sweet.

Wade deserves the trophies for writing himself into the annals of urban mythology, but this triumph of the individual will over a dynamic assembly of corresponding pieces, as astonishing as that individual was, coupled with the embarassing preference the officials had for said individual, has me bored just in time for it to be all over.

And I thought, at least there's this World Cup... until watching it I discover that actually, no, FIFA has the worst officiating of any sport in the world.

And then, as if the basketball gods sensed our discontent... Isiah Thomas is the new coach of the New York Knicks. And at it's least, this Great League shall never be... uninteresting.

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