Sunday, June 25, 2006

FIsts of Fury: Borat Without Borders

The NBA's Basketball Without Borders Asia camp in Shanghai ended this year with Kazakhstani 18-year-old forward Dmitriy Klimov (6' 6'' 198 lbs) taking the MVP; which perfectly coincides with the upcoming release of Borat the Movie for the Kazakhs have finally arrived.

So, uh, we never really got into the Ali G stuff, but we thought it was pretty funny when he'd fuck with old, pasty stiffs on his show. But now with this flick, it ain't really about subverting the status quo anymore... is it?

It's about Sascha Cohen making status--as any
movie adaptation of a gimmick character from a television show must be. Borat was never about Kazakhstan; he doesn't look or sound like Kazakhstanis (who mostly appear Eurasian). Cohen has never even been there. Borat might as well be from any number of Eastern European or Central Asian countries; the shtick was funny because stuffy old white men believed it. Now, the jig is up. Cohen is making his own bid for stuffy whiteness. And it's almost a shame. Except that we never really cared... and what the fuck does Sascha have to do with basketball? Absolutely nothing.

Matt Bonner was there in Shanghai, and really, beat us to the punch with a surprisingly sensitive Borat reference.

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