Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Yao Ming is a Tree-Huggin', Nature Lovin' Hippie

Yao is now a spokesperson for ACAP Wildaid in an effort to promote the conservation of natural things much like former Vice-President Al Gore and his Inconvenient Truth... maybe not, but Yao's guilt trip is, nevertheless, effective.

As read from BrandWeek: In the spot, Ming literally uses his shot-blocking ability to save an elephant. We first see the elephant, then a gun being locked and loaded. Ming is shooting hoops, but turns into a superhero when he races off the court, flies through the air and knocks down the bullet before it reaches its intended target. Voiceover:
'You don't have to play ball to be a great shotblocker. When the buying stops, the killing can, too.'
We love nature--yes, even here in Brooklyn. And we love Yao. But the premise is the kind that makes children cringe with blushing, goose-pimply embarrassment. And maybe Yao's shotblocking ability a little overstated... We need this clip. We need to find it. And run it in perpetuity.

But seriously, watch An Inconvenient Truth and cut it out with all that hairspray. Buy a helmet if you wanna wear one.

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