Monday, June 18, 2007

Sky Hook's the Limit

From Yao Central

On Saturday, columnist Richard Justice observed and described skeleton offensive drills between Yao and former Rocket GM Carroll Dawson with the kind of optimistic glee that comes with finally seeing what you've imagined, as in a painting you've been working on but couldn't get quite right, until now. For their part, the sessions appear to greatly beneficial to Yao and Dawson can't find enough good words for him.

Rocket fans, however, might ask why the focus with Dawson--and with Olajuwon--has appeared to have been on offense, where Yao is already a 25-point scorer, rather than on his weaker ability to defend. It would be reasonable to assume that some point they'll get to the defense, but maybe it doesn't need to be a critical issue. It just may be time to realize that Yao will never be a great defender or even that good. It's not a question of his work ethic and coachability, Dawson himself said he's never seen better. His body is just not cut out for it. He will get stronger, more agile and his conditioning will continue to improve, but defense will never be his strength and it doesn't need to be. (Continue >>>)

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