Friday, June 08, 2007

The Playoff Hustle: Put Jack to Use

Depression is a bitch. Bron-Bron is living the basketball high life while Kobe is sitting at home trying to figure out why people don't like him...still. It can't be denied, even by the most hating of haters that Kobe is a scoring god. No one can say that Kobe isn't fun to watch. He is still the most desirable national televised basketball attraction in the world. So why don't people like him? And i don't mean fans. I mean his colleagues. Why don't other players talk about how much they want to play alongside Kobe. The way Amare talks about how Steve Nash is the perfect point gaurd. How T-Mac boasts of Yao's skills. the way the entire Cavs team embraces Lebron...why don't you ever hear anyone talking about how great it is to play next to Kobe..this is why Kobe is depressed.

Trade demands and GM changes aren't going to solve any of Kobe's problems. Kobe has a hero complex. He needs to be the man who brings home the bad guy. or in this case the Larry o' Brien trophy. Doing it three times as Robin only made the chip on Kobe's shoulder grow larger. Batman left, won a ring in Miami, and Kobe is still losing in the first round. So Kobe is upset. He feels he needs a change. But changing his team or location is only going to further stall the inevitable change that Kobe has to make. This is a social change. He needs to should I say this...he needs to become .. cooler. His teamates have to like him. Not just respect him. They have to genuinly like him. Then they may have his back. If they have his back, then he'll trust them. If he trusts them the team will have chemistry. Look at Steve Nash during Game 4 against the Spurs. He got shoved out of bounds and his teamates rushed the scene like he got shot. Two players got suspended for a crucial game, but at least Nash knows they got his back.

Watch this play between Kobe & Raja Bell during Game 5 of the 2005 first round playoffs:

You'll notice that no one comes to Kobe's defense. It's almost as if they have all conspired to NOT have Kobe's back. I wonder what Kobe thinks when he sees this footage. He probably ignores it, brushes it off his shoulder and blames managment. May be management needs to find guys that like Kobe. Or may be kobe needs to spend the rest of the off season hanging out with Jack Nicholson learning how to be cool. -- D. Hogwild

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