Friday, June 29, 2007

And with the 26th pick, the Houston Rockets select....

And with the 26th pick, the Houston Rockets select...
From Yao Central

Less than 3:00 min now and both McRoberts and Big Baby are still on the board... then again, so is Nick Fazekas... who will it be?

Aaron Brooks?!?! ...the quarterback!?! No, the Oregon point guard nobody's heard of... Why did we trade our only real power forward for Mike James?

This makes no sense at all... another little guard to add to James, Alston, Spanoulis... isn't that why we have Lil' John Lucas... who's a far better shooter? What a terrible and disappointing pick. What a waste of a chance to get some solid bigs... I would have rather had Thiago Splitter.

Well, the Rockets still have the 54th pick (acquired from Orlando)... which they should have been using to pick Aaron Brooks.

Holy crap, it just got worse... Brad Newley? That's it. I'm shuttin' down and goin' to watch Planet Earth on DVD. I'm on Disc 3, Rainforests. The whole thing is endlessly fascinating... can't say the same for this draft. For gadsakes, Herbert Hill was on the board.

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