Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Playoff Hustle: There is a God

After the Rockets' first round loss to an unnamed assailant, and the tanking of the Phoenix Suns courtesy of the NBA front office, we came to the consensus that this suddenly boring playoffs could only be redeemed with Bron-Bron in the Finals.

Looks like this one could get interesting after all, enough for us to start posting again anyway. The collective aftershock of the Rockets first-round debacle lasted longer than we thought.

It's not that we didn't have posts, we just didn't have the strength the post them, or the purpose until now.

It's probably well understood that the Cavs don't stand much of a chance--except to Cavs fans and Train. And it's agonizing to think that considering how much we hate San Antonio. But it's more important that Lebron just make this thing interesting, in the way only he and Kobe can. To actually think win, Bronnie has to go Oscar Robertson on that ass. 32-13-11... for the series. And presto, legendary status. What the hell, we'll assume that he'll do it. But for now, we're just happy there's a reason to watch this year.

aloneconformist: Bron goes Big O (Cavs in 6).
Duke Hogwild: Cavs in 7
Train: Cavs in 6

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