Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tracy McGrady News to Us

Just saw the new NBA Live 07 commercial with Tracy McGrady... and it's wholly captivating to us for its religious implications and their application to sports--which is nothing new--but in the idea of doubt... and its corresponding faith... though hardly expressed in academic or necessarily theological terms therein, it rarely appears in such popular culture outside the bible belt. I mean the idea is fascinating in a time of such growing religious self-assuredness... to us at least.

It's not that we're particularly religious. It's that McGrady seems to be... at least in the question of faith... and EA Sports expresses/exploits this inherent agony of self-awareness... in Mac's jumpshot. Where did Mac's statement come from? An interview or was it done for the spot?

We've looked about the 'net for a transcript or a video upload but haven't been able to find one.
Look for it--likely on ESPN. And even though it's old news, we didn't know that Mac was the cover boy. There's an older commercial on Youtube that we must have missed.

We did, however, come across this site titled simply, Tracy McGrady News, which isn't pretty but is on point with all your T-Mac news and updates such as: Mac got married to his high school sweetheart ...and Juwan Howard was there.


Mr. M/R and sometimes F said...

Dan the Automator 's got mad skilz.

The Soundtrack looks like it's going to be hot.

But I'm saving up for 2K8 on the Wii.

train said...

lets split a 360.

train said...

they might drop it another bill - the 360.

train said...

pic definitly needed buddy christ. good touche..thats french.