Friday, September 29, 2006

Rockets in the Head: A Banner Year

Mush-mouth. Train loves him already.

Two weeks ago, the Globetrotter crew was at the local hot spot--okay, the Pizzeria Uno's happy hour--and we each went around making picks for the '06-'07 NBA season.

Surprisingly, we all picked the Rockets to win it. The surprise is less in the fact that it would be just about the first time a team went from the lottery to the Championship (as far as we can remember), and even less in the fact that Duke picks the Rockets every year--it's that we could all say it with a straight face.

Don't ask why... it's better not to know... we know it's ridiculous... it is in the nature of the sports fan, but now this whole Bonzi Wells addition is only making us giddy with excitement. Is there any more perfect complement to the current personnel? Whereas before we had contrive Houston not to see either Dallas or San Antonio in the playoffs--hoping they face sweeping suspensions following an all-out brawl instigated by a second Jason Terry punch to Michael Finley's crotch--now the Rockets can legitimately match up with both them guys.

Of course, at Yao Central, I get the caffeine high comedown, but the message isn't lost. We at Globetrotter endorse the Houston Rockets for 2007 NBA Champs.


train said...

great pics.

mamada said...

This can't truly have success, I feel this way.