Thursday, September 07, 2006

Shark's Fin Soup-Gate: The Battle Begins...

After a much publicized stand against China's favorite soup-based delicacy, Yao has somehow divided a nation... or at least, divided its nature-loving celebrities from everybody else. There are now two factions that define Soup-Gate: the shark's fin soup lovers who are therein lovers of China and Chinese culture or the shark's fin soup haters... otherwise known has nature-lovin' hippie tree-huggers.

Only adding to the intrigue now is China's new pro-dorsal celebrity spokesperson, none other than Tracy Lamar McGrady. Teammate versus teammate. Yao says no, T-Mac says yes. How will Yao react to this probably alarmist, erroneously assumed back-stabbing? When will T-Mac ever actually have the soup again? What fate awaits the soup of shark's fins? All these questions to be answered here with up-to-the-minute coverage of Shark's Fin Soup-Gate ...only at Globetrotter.


rick green said...

That sucks, T-Mac. You've got to back Yao on thing. Big mistake.

Mark Nilrad said...

Why does T-Mac like shark fin soup? I've had it, and it's rather normal, nothing special.

Yao always seems to be supporting these wildlife things. So good of him.