Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rockets in the Head: New Heads, New Eyes

It's finally that time of year... to start talking Rockets basketball again. That may have started sooner for some, but we think mid-September is the perfect time to revisit our obsession with Rocket red... so, we present to you our first installment of Rockets in the Head '06-'07.

Is Houston seriously considering Bonzi Wells in a sign-and-trade? The Rocket Guy has Houston in the hunt. Feigen and Blinebury over at Chron.com are skeptical. Bonzi, anyone? Anyone?

Chron.com's got your details.

Rockets.com has a revamped layout that looks like a spaceship console... or the programming module for some futuristic Cyberball team. And they're doing this theme with eyes this season... it's kind of disturbing and you can't tell who's who...

Who the hell is this?

That is... other than Yao Ming and Tracy McGrady... for obvious if different reasons. Oh, and if you hurry now, there's a Steve Novak gallery! But if you were thinking about downloading them... unh-unh, no dice.

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train said...

i dont think its a bad idea to have bonzai join the rockets but i think its more his decision than the rockets. i think he is looking into the rockets not the other way around. they dont have enough money...just like me except they used there money on ballplayers and i used mine on hookers.