Wednesday, December 07, 2005

T-Mac Handles the Truth

Van Gundy has tried to tell us the truth since training camp. The Rockets are too slow. But we ignored him as visions of Skip to My Lou and Stro-Show sugarplums danced in our heads and our expectations were... borderline delusional.

But after going 4-12, including a home debacle against Memphis where the 90-75 final score wasn't early indicative of how the Rockets got handled, we all began to see the light.

last night against the Celts, as T-Mac often does, the truth became a bit easier to bear.

Van Gundy went big going with T-Mac at the two, while Bowen got the nod over Luther Head in the starting five. And as expected, "The Hammer" (as one reader has branded our favorite hustla) brought his leather-tough accrued of floorburn hide to the Toyota Center, sparking a far livelier as compared to previously dead defensive rotation that limited the Celts to just 34% shooting.

Mac torched the Celts despite Ricky "Get Buckets" Davis' best attempts to distract with modern dance.

Rockets show some of that early season promise last night.

(AP Photo)


Craig said...

The Rockets seem to go as far as T-Mac can take them. Hopefully he won't be missing too many more games.

BTW - Thanks for linking us. We'll try to do the same as we figure out how to. (

MattB said...

Ditto, sends thanks and much love...

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