Thursday, December 22, 2005

Kobe Gets Over Loss to Rockets

Each one game removed from the first T-Mac v. Kobe contest (really a lethargically played bore until the final seconds), Kobe goes cuckoo for cocoa puffs while Mac learns what it feels like to be Yao Ming.

2-11 for 7 points and on top of that a blowout L to the Raps? To his credit though, Mac should have had about 20 assists if the Rockets been able to make buckets down the stretch. And accordingly, the Chronicle wants Mac to take tips from the Black Mamba.

The Rockets' casualty rate has risen enough to play Lonny Baxter and Stephen Graham.

So another big road win for the Raps in a Houston and even bigger for Mike James who never wanted to be traded--a less than well-kept secret down here is that Mac wanted him out.

Somewhere, Mike James is smiling.


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