Thursday, December 08, 2005

Steve Nash Is GQ's Cosplayer of the Year

Steve Nash is Gungrave's Brandon Heat. Click it.

Cosplayers... your leader.

We didn't learn much from reading Joel Lowell's recent interview with our favorite Canuck, Steve Nash. We already knew he was with his wife in New York City, we knew he played pick up in Tribeca, we knew he played for Phebe's at the "crappy soccer field" in Chinatown (which is Shangri-la compared to the crack vial and syringe paved concrete slab that used to be there), and we even knew Nashy would be named GQ's Baller of the Year.

What we didn't know was that Nashy was into cosplay. Already pandemic in Asia, it's been sweeping weekly RPG nights and comic conventions stateside for years. But to Nashy's credit (and GQ photographer Michael Thompson), we haven't seen cosplayers so tastefully rendered since Cao Fei's mushroom fuzzy, Asian milieu. And never has cosplaying had such a celebrity proponent.

We suggest that cosplayers around the world drop their game controllers, papier mache swords, shoulder rockets and/or dice and endorse Nashy as their official figurehead to further their cause... whatever that may be.

Actually, some of these cozzies are kinda purty... and then, some of them really aren't.


train said...

i saw those odd i know.

Arthur/Nurikane said...

Wow! Steve really looks cool! I'll gonna buy that back ish then and then show to my friends. Uhm, did Steve really cosplayed before?

aloneconformist said...

uhh... i can't say with any certainty he hasn't.

site said...

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