Friday, October 12, 2007

Yao's Left Hook and an 'Official' Endorsement

Yao's left hook and an 'official' endorsement
from Yao Central

Look how nice everyone's getting along. All 20 or so estimated in that huddle... who's that leading the ring-around-the-rosie? The Big Red One-One looked good against Panathinaikos last night. Saw a little bit of everything on offense including a nice lefty hook. Left and right? That's gonna be tough to stop. You can check out his highlights here.

HoopsWorld has a nice interview with Yao (Up Close with Yao Ming). In it he talks, albeit briefly, about his excitement to be reunited with (eschewing discussion about the other roster moves except for Scola) and how Jack Sikma has been working with him on specific high-post skills. releases selections of Steve Nash and Dwayne Wade as 2007's Most Caring Athletes. How does Yao not make this list?

News Groper--a satirical news site (like the Onion but not as good)--has a story by Chinese president Hu Jintao; an objective look at the upcoming NBA season in which he picks Yao Ming to win MVP and Yi Jianlian to take Rookie of the Year honors. He also picks Rockets in 6 over the Bucks in the Finals. Racist? Even funny? You decide. I'll count the pick as legit.


train said...

Yeeeaaaaah boy!!

train said...

i know theyre just rumors but i hope to god that kobe doesnt go to dallas. its taken me a few years but im a kobe fan again and if he chooses to go to suck ass town then i'll be forced to hate him forever. and ever ever. and ever ever.

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