Monday, October 22, 2007

Globetrotter NBA Live Fantasy Draft

The two people organizing this thing (Duke and Train) ended up with picks 1 & 2... random selection my ass. I had the 11th pick (out of 14). Yao was the main objective in mid-to-late 1st round, but he wasn't around by 11. Dwyane Wade was, so I took him.

First time I'd ever been around for the live draft, so I did my scouting. Only mistake might have been the pick of Garbajosa at 10, because Al Thornton was available (and Elton Brand is out until '08). I don't usually like to take chances on rookies until 11+ rounds but Thornton was swooped up right after Garbajosa and I suddenly got buyer's remorse. The roster:

1. Dwyane Wade
2. Chris Bosh (traded for Carlos Boozer)
3. Tracy McGrady
4. Lamar Odom
5. Mo Williams
6. Chris Kaman
7. Anthony Parker
8. Andrea Bargnani
9. Udonis Haslem
10. Jorge Garbajosa
11. Kyle Lowry
12. Dorell Wright
13. Sean Williams

Not bad for picking at 11. T-Mac dropping to the 3rd round was a steal. So was Kyle Lowry at 11.


Nels said...

Looks like a pretty good draft. I'd be a little worried about having Wade, Boozer, and McGrady as my first three picks, but if they don't get injured too much, those are great picks for picking where you were in the draft.

Not sure about Anthony Parker this season... but Bargnani and Haslem are good late round picks. I think Garbajosa is a fine pick, but yeah, Thornton could be better. Kyle Lowry will probably be a good player eventually, but not sure about his fantasy stats for this season. Same for Sean Williams.

aloneconformist said...

Yea, I hear you... can't always draft for injuries--through, three stars with injury history might be a bit much. I felt like Lowry and Williams are good chances to take that low. Both their teams are so desperate for help at their respective positions that they'll at least get a chance to prove what they can do. Parker's steady, hopefully, he keeps it up.

apad 2 said...

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