Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Yao Ming is Not On My Fantasy Team

Yao Ming is not on my fantasy team
from Yao Central

He is the new PER
truth of ESPN's John Hollinger. And with the prospect of seeing him going through the high post, visions of 3.2 assists per game and no injuries danced through my head. Globetrotter had its Fantasy Basketball league draft last night. I tried to get him, I did, but Yao wasn't around when I picked at 11th (out of 14). Dwyane Wade was. So I took Wade. T-Mac dropped to the 3rd round. Everyone was sleeping on Mac... so I got Mac.The rest of the roster is listed on Globetrotter, but for picking 11th, I think I fared all right.

Over at Bucks.com, GM Larry Harris says that on any "one Friday night Houston Rockets game (with China native Yao Ming on center stage)" there are 187 million people watching--that's compared to the average NBA game viewed by 10 million worldwide. That's ridiculous.

He adds that Yi comes from Beijing, home to 15 million people (not quite the 20 mill in Shanghai), in a province of 74 million residents... Milwaukee is the new smaller, less popular Houston... kind of like Yi is the new Yao, only more hip. Have you seen that ad during games of the Chinese cab driver who's singing a Country & Western song in the heart of Shanghai traffic? Somehow the classic Americana quality of the song even fits the demeanor of Yao's big mug at the end. But what band would rep Yi from Milwaukee... Steve Miller Band or the Violent Femmes?

In other important Pre-Season news, Yao's jersey is only the sixth-sellingest jersey in Chinaland. Behind Kobe, AI, T-Mac, D-Wade and Bron, Bron. But that's okay, we know why. Meanwhile, the NBA is loving it over in Asia. But are they visiting the Lebron James museum?

John over at Yao Ming Mania calls the NBA's Read to Achieve program a "ritual." Yea, a marketing ritual... anyway, YMM's got pics of Yao's session, but tell me if John seems kind of tired of the whole thing, not of the athletes reading to kids, but of the NBA (I like how he puts it) "promoting it out the ying-yang."

Francis was there, too, along with most the other Rockets, but he may have missed the objective.

Meanwhile, the Rockets won another Pre-Season game on Monday... T-Mac's ready for the regular season and so are we.

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