Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Nothing says love and devotion like a new set of rims

Nothing says love and devotion like a new set of rims
from Yao Central

Shaq is on tour in China, and his is well-documented, so naturally, the Chinese news media asked Shaq what he thought about Yao's recent wedding. This is what he had to say to China Daily:
"I've heard the news that Yao has married a beautiful basketball player. If you let me choose a wedding gift for him, I would give Yao four 24-inch customized rims at his wedding ceremony."
Very generous of the Dieze, only China Daily follows up by saying Yao really isn't in to all the customizing that, "a number of NBA stars are crazy about." The only thing Yao has customized on his BMW 7-series is Y&Y logo on the rear that stands for Yao and Ye Li. That's right... awwwwww. Adorable.

Shaq goes on to talk about Yao, newcomer Yi Jianlian and Chinese basketball. And you'll notice the increased diplomacy while in the middle of his Li-Ning sponsored tour. When was the last time Shaq gave an untested rookie like Yi any love at all? Scary what a shoe contract and tour of China can do to change minds... or at least, mindsets. Now if only they can get Charles Barkley to sign.

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