Monday, August 20, 2007

Got Old Kicks?

Scoop Jackson has a Page 2 post over at ESPN about modern day heroes. It's an inspiring piece no doubt, as it sets out to be, and he mentions Bobbito and his affiliation with Hoops-4-Hope. He's got a basketball court in Zimbabwe named after him... for good reason. But this also ties into a recent fund-raiser I attended for H4H hosted by the Brian Yang and the Dream League, which came about because, Marshall Cho, one of our friends and former player in both the Dream League and our own Fastbreak NYC, has been out in Africa working with H4H since August of last year.

Bobbito actually had mentioned H4H to me awhile back during some pickup, but for some reason, I didn't put together that it was the same program Marshall had been working with until the fundraiser. Anyway, we've been trying to get more involved with the program. I also like Books-4-Hoops program in IL that Scoop mentions. We'll look into that. At any rate, the fundraiser seem to go off well. Dropped a donation for Fastbreak NYC and Marshall even personally e-mailed a thank you.

It's a great cause, to say the least. Here's the link to the website. If you got some old kicks, or if you sneaker heads just think them shits is out of style, you could get a kid playin' ball out there that would otherwise be hoofing on bare feet. Ship them kicks.

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