Tuesday, August 28, 2007

KJ Choi Won't Duck Your English Questions

This has little to do with basketball other than invoking the whole Shaq-Yao imitating the Chinese language thing, but TravelGolf.com blogger, Chris Baldwin, makes a nice point on behalf of English as a second language speakers all over the U.S. in criticizing those in the media who have been recently mocking Korean K.J. Choi's English skills. Baldwin writes:
Choi came to the U.S. late in his life, learned the language while trying to make a living in pro golf and make sure his family adjusted to a new country. Unlike many foreign athletes who know English perfectly and still hide behind an interpreter because it's easier to dodge media questions that way - see Ichiro and for years Yao Ming - Choi will do interviews in English. Which gives the fans much more truthful answers and a much better feel for the real guy behind the golfer.

And Choi speaks fine English. He's engaging and insightful - see his story on using that $49 infomercial putter grip in Tour competition. He's actually one of the better interviews on Tour. He even tells a good joke.

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