Monday, November 27, 2006

Rockets in the Head: Novak Saves

In the first game that wasn't quite a blowout, but wasn't quite not a blowout, in which the Rockets actually held off a late surge from the opposition (in this case, Memphis) and held on to a lead... the difference was Steve Novak. The rookie forward played just under three minutes in the first half and made 1-of-2 three pointers but he was the cure to the Rockets' disease. Despite not touching the hardwood in the second half, Novak single-handedly pushed the Rockets to victory. agrees... though we sense some inconsiderate irony.

Inconsiderate to the loyal followers of the cult of Novak, which includes most of Houston and the fundamentalist faction of "Red Rowdies," who merely call now for what is only the inevitable ascendance of our young savior, Steve "Brown Deer" Novak. Is you or is you ain't his constichiency?

Coach and heretic, Jeff Van Gundy, says no.

All the way down in the Rockets Notes section of, Houston's only paper news source, Novak teammate and heretic, Luther Head, receives the supposition that he was the reason the Rockets won. So what if he's 16-for-28 from three in fourth quarters this season?

Also included in the Notes is T-Mac's bid for a new stat: the would-be assist, designated if Chuck Hayes is on the receiving end.

Minnesota in town tomorrow, 7:30p. Mike James, bitch. Sorry, Oprah says no more bitch.

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