Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Yao Ming All-American

We can't believe we missed this. Unfortunately, the timing of this post (after Yao's broken knee) diminishes the implications of the video below, but if there were any questions left about Yao's... apparently newfound "competitive fire," simply click little play button below.

That's right... try to f*cking stop him. The kid even gets the sneer right. That condedscending glare. Scary. Crazy American cowboy scary. Unfortunately, someone found a way to stop him. Break his damn leg.

Gotta give it up to Houston Rockets News for catching this on the giddy-up. Apparently it was the most watched video on YouTube for a few days. Which only baffles us more, 'cause if we're not watching ESPN, we're watching YouTube.


Anonymous said...

Well, we will see if breaking his leg would really stop him from transforming to a even scarier monster on the court!

And, I don't think Yao need this to manifest his "competitive fire", because he always got that!

Anonymous said...

Wait till Yao gets that mean streak like Shag. He'll be tearing the backboard down and scare his oppoenents into shooting airballs. Can't wait for Yao to come back from his injury. I'm sure during these 2 months of recovering from his broken leg, he'll hit the weight room and get even bigger and stronger. Watch out NBA...here comes Shaq Number Two.

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