Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Yao Looks Ahead to the Olympics

Yes, it's taken this long to get over the Rockets first round elimination in Utah. Pardon the dead cyber-space... there probably shouldn't have been high expectations for going it without Yao but for some reason the elimination hurt just the same.

Anyway, there's still plenty going on with the upcoming Olympics in China and the off-season. I'd put up an FA wishlist like Feigen, but you can't really put it any better than he did. I'd take Maggette or Pietrus, too. Maybe the Rockets should never have let Azubuike go. Here's some Yao Links for now:

Yao Links

- ShanghaiDaily.com reports that Yao Ming has donated 500,000 yuan to victims of the earthquake that hit Southwest China yesterday. The Red Cross Society of China has opened a website and several hotlines to receive donations for the victims. For anyone who is interested in donating, information is available at the Shanghaiist.com.

- Yao just wants the Top 8 in Beijing this summer. That's very sensible of him if not exactly inspiring for Chinese fans. He's more interested in staying on the court. Yao Ming Mania has pics of a recent press conference and lots of interview clips.

Originally posted at Yao Central on May 13, 2008 11:08 AM


Wigglemon said...

yo it's your little bro. i started up a gaming blog just thought i'd let you know. i linked you and liren on my blog (don't know how many people will actually read my shit, but oh well lol)

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