Friday, February 01, 2008

Yao's Top 5 Posters of '07-'08 (so far)

To further commemorate Yao's franchise-high 6th consecutive selection to the NBA All-Star starting five, and his sustained and newfound aggression, a list is presented below along with links to video footage, exhaustively searched, enumerated and ranked, of Yao's 5 most vigorous dunk-shots resulting in no doubt the subsequent humiliation of his opponent in this the nearer half of the National Basketball Association's 61st season. Or rather...

Yao's Top 5 Posters of '07-'08 (so far):

5.) That dunk on the Dallas Mavericks: Why? Because it's the Dallas Mavericks. And because Juwan was the first on his hit list of former teammates. And-1, Juwan... and-1.

4.) Ooh, the one on Tim Duncan (1:14 in): Because it's Tim Duncan. And because its the San Antonio Spurs. It wasn't all that clean, but it was in Tim Duncan's face, plus the foul on Tim Duncan... and it was the last bucket in a Rockets win. And because it was Tim Duncan.

3.) No, no the Bokie dunk: Bokie got yammed. Second on Yao's hit list of former teammates. The best part is Yao practically skipping back downcourt, laughing to Steve Francis that he, "just dunked on Bokie." That, unfortunately, is not in the clip.

2.) No, no, it's gotta be the mush on KG's mouth: Right on the head, no dodging this one. And in a crucial moment of a highly contested game. You gotta give KG credit, like Alonzo Mourning (and unlike Shaq), he will challenge the dunk and he will get occasionally get posterized. But he always comes back for more. This one is my personal benchmark for Yao's season so far, his banner or crest so to speak, this one signifies a newer, meaner "franchise" Yao. It would have been numero uno, if it wasn't for...

1.) Malik Rose: Arguably the most humiliating dunk so far this season by any player this season. Further description is unnecessary. If you haven't seen it, make haste, click the link.

Honorable Mentions: What about when Yao dunked on Pau Gasol and Rudy Gay, no man, both of them (1:03 in) | Oh yeah, Yao's putback against Orlando... Dwight Howard was in the vicinity, it counts

Of course, if your nostalgic for dunks of old, m_cable has cut together a nice highlight reel called Yao Ming Liftoff that has some great dunks I can't believe I haven't seen. My favorites, however, are the one-handed rebound grabs and put-backs in one quick re-jump. I don't think I've seen anyone else in the league ever do that, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Also, feel free to list any dunks this season that may have been egregiously left off the list.

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