Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Playoff Hustle: We're Still Unbeatable

... maybe we didn't play hard enough. maybe utah played harder. maybe boozer & deron played over there heads. maybe we weren't ready. maybe we need another penetrator...maybe we suck.......i don't know. i love the rockets & i love cheering for them. these moments are tough, but i understand these things happen. hearts get crushed...shit, we did it to new york in 94'. we did it to san antonio in 95'. we did it to L.A. in 86'. we did phoenix the worst..two do it to other teams, & it happens to your team...but if i learned anything growing up watching hakeem, its that you don't bury yourself in the maybe's, you learn from them, and build.

in 1993, after the rockets lost in game 7 to the sonics, the locker room was stagnant with sorrow. hakeem looked up at his teammates and said, " we go from here". ...2 championships later, the whole world knew never to underestimate the heart of a champion...

yes, touching story, blah blah blah. what does that have to do with these rockets? not much, but give a die hard rockets fan a little hope.. hope needs food though, you still need something. a little something to hold on to..tmac said he tried. i believe him. i also believe he'll try harder next year.. yao said, "There is no short cut. The only way to go through this is if you get the next chance, don't let it pass."....that's something. i'll take that.

you can't achieve anything meaningful in life without adversity. this is some tough adversity as far as basketball is concerned...if the rockets are destined to be champions, then they will have to overcome this. -- D.H.

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