Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Playoff Hustle: To Duke, I Call Bullshit!

In our, what now appears to be ongoing, debate on how to appropriately watch the big game, Duke responded to my criticism of his actions during a Game 4 Houston loss in Utah through his Duke Hogwild's Rd 1 Observations on the I Love (Luther) Head blog. He sums it up as something to the effect of: when your team is playing bad, sometimes you need to distract yourself for them to win. Then he proceeded to call me out for going to play with my girlfriend that ate into the first 3 quarters of the Rockets Game 6 at home. Very classy. You see, I'm a man of principle. My girlfriend and I made those plans before Game 6 was ever scheduled. I wasn't going to back out on them, and I never said otherwise.

The truth is, the first post I wrote was just a set up for this bomb right here. I didn't want to have to do it, but Duke couldn't let it drop. Bullshit. I call bullshit. You made that up, dude. You left to go play pool at halftime of that game, when the Rockets were only down 5. Yea, they were really terrible being down a whole 5 points.
And even if, for some odd reason, that was what you were thinking, what matters is that you broke our flow of viewership. Whatever you had going on consciously or subconsciously, you didn't bother to tell us about it, so the flow was broken.

And really, what it comes down to is the Rockets lost that game, that's it. The game which I arrived late, the Rockets won. That's all that matters. But on principle alone, I didn't break the flow by showing up, creating flow, then leaving, disrupting flow and returning. I don't know why Duke went to play pool that night at halftime, but it cost us Game 5. We could be preparing for Golden State right now. My actions have had no such negative implications.
In fact, the Rockets made a run right when I showed up to Game 6, so one could only surmise that I only boosted the flow in that win. Game. Set. Match.

Duke will only live this down when Houston wins the series.


aloneconformist said...

That's right I'm the one who's whining... nice witty response.

aloneconformist said...

You broke the flow, man... own up to it.

dukehogwild said...

what happened to the comment where i called you a whining 10 year old...then ende by calling you a bitch(in method man's voice)

train said...

aloneconformist +2
duke 0

total score:
aloneconformist 3
duke 1

both of yall suck ass...we still lost game six. dickheads.

aloneconformist said...

Damn... Train's right. For the sake of the team, we must put aside our differences, which has clearly distracted us from our common goal of winning thi series, and come together in a focused, unified effort to win Game 7.