Monday, December 27, 2010

Beijing Shougang Ducks release former Rockets guard Steve Francis reports that just 13 days after Steve Francis joined the Beijing Shougang Ducks, they have decided to part ways.

The nine-year NBA veteran and former All-Star logged 14 total minutes in just 4 games with the Ducks. Francis reportedly arrived with poor conditioning and unable to shoulder major minutes. He was also reprimanded by the league after making an inappropriate gesture towards a referee.

According to Sina Sports, the buyout and terms of Francis’ release have already been negotiated and the move will be made shortly pending an official release by the team. Wording is everything as my boy Jared Zwerling on the Knicks blog at ESPN makes it sound like Francis broke up with the Ducks first:

So, Marbury is looking pretty good right now. A.I., what have you?

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