Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Yao Line: 12.16.08: Big 3 Finally Arrives

32 pts, 13-19 FGs, 6-7 FTs, 7 rebs, 1 ast, 2 blks

Yao's strong offensive numbers were overlooked or overshadowed in the usual highlight shows by McGrady's triple-double... and Nene's dunk on Yao. The dunk was no. 2 on Sportscenter's Top Plays. It was pretty vicious. Still, Yao played on with ego in check and in what appears a lessening commonality in star athletes, he doesn't seem to need the media validation to keep on keeping on. For his part, Yao looked quick, decisive and energetic but still left some dunking to be desired. There were plenty of opportunities for payback in that game.

But Yao can probably live with Nene's 5-14 shooting and 5 fouls. Last night was a solid in-game turnaround from a poor defensive first half to lock-down in the 2nd and with no sacrifice in offense. And the impressive Rockets scoring came against a surprisingly solid Denver D. One that's 15th in points against (98.2)--not bad considering 3rd in points for (103.4)--and 3rd in FG% allowed (.427). Rockets were blazing from the floor and never hit one of those extended droughts, a performance certainly encouraging for Rockets fans to see.

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