Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Third Man Finally Deserves the Hype

Are you excited yet? Say what you want about the Rockets past few 1st Rd exits, the brass has done a good job of getting Rockets fans excited before every season. Essentially, that's really GM Daryl Morey's job... to build a team that will compete with the imperative goal of bringing the fans back. Especially after a disappointing finish. Daryl Morey has done his job (as well as Carroll Dawson) by giving Houston fans what they think the Rockets need... that final piece of the puzzle in the T-Mac-Yao era. The Third Man. First came Stromile Swift, then Shane Battier, then Bonzi Wells, then the exciting Rockets rookies and even maybe, somewhere in that hopeful inner child part of our brains, Steve Francis... but no, all of those players were just chewing gum in the cracks. Ron Artest is super glue; he makes all the others pale in comparison. He's highly flammable, of course, especially under the wrong conditions but Houston, with the easy-going nature of Mac, Yao and Adelman, may be just right.

Say what you want about Ron-Ron, the man's a force of nature and no one has ever questioned his heart. Yes, he marches to the beat of a different drummer, hell, he has his own rhythm section. Yes, he is emotional and volatile, yes, he speaks his mind but he's also the first player to come to Houston in the McGrady-Yao era talented enough--good enough--to single-handedly cover for T-Mac or Yao. There's still a lot to figure out, injuries to overcome, but the foundation is solid. For the first time in a long time, it's okay to be excited.

So, NBA League Pass ready to go despite the warnings of domestic anguish from The Basketball Jones' J.E. Skeets long ago... It's pushing it I know. To be fair, my girlfriend has been very understanding. But if she thought Monday Night Football was getting carried away, she's in for one helluva surprise. Wonder if she can be plied with dinner at a 5-star from all my fantasy league winnings.

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