Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It's Desperation Time

The goal ostensibly was to retain home-court advantage after the streak, but the truth is, the Rockets chances of doing that now are slim to nil. The New Orleans Hornets and San Antonio Spurs are both playing now about as well as Houston was during the streak. So it really doesn't matter if they rack up a few losses here and there. With no home-court, the Rockets playoff seeding just doesn't matter. Whoever they play, they just have to get out of the first round. In fact, I'd rather the Rockets play the Hornets than L.A. or San Antonio.

No, the losses aren't the issue. The play is the thing. Last night's loss to Sacramento was antithetical to everything the Rockets had begun to do right. Ditto for San Antonio. Both games were baffling. What is it that makes this team think they don't have to play defense anymore? The streak couldn't have gone to their heads? Or are they really just burnt out? It's hard to say, but it doesn't look good. The playoffs are only 8 games away. The Rockets can't afford to limp into the post-season, especially now, without home-court. You don't mind the losses if they're playing hard and playing their ball, but they are not. And Rockets fans are getting desperate.

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Haven't been to Yao Ming Mania in awhile but they have some entries with great pics (1, 2) of Yao and his rehab workouts... just in case you were wondering. The man's still on crutches, so maybe we shouldn't be too hard on him for not making all the home games.

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